Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Prints by Iris Scott

"Yellow Bluebird"

"Cacti Sunrise"

These are two 18"X18" prints by Iris Scott. I was in a buying mood recently and became an art collector overnight! I went on a spree buying art from some of my favorite artists and friends. :) 
Iris paints using "finger painting!" She writes that she disliked cleaning brushes and decided to try this method so she could avoid that process. :) 
She is amazing and her art sells for thousands, hence these prints, which are so beautiful and to me, very affordable. I love them and I think Iris is so very talented! You can see her art on FB and her website. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rhonda's Window

Tonight's the night I see John Davidson after 50 years! This time, a small venue - up close and personal. I have a gift bag for him and included a little 3"X3" painting for John's wife, Rhonda. 
"Rhonda's Window"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

"The John D"

"The John D"
(  copyright by Nancy Shewchuk )

I painted this 3"X3" mini (with easel) as a gift for
John Davidson. (He sails) 
I'll see him in 5 days (September 20th)
and have a tote bag with his picture on it that I took 50 years ago with this and a few other gifts including framed song lyrics that fit with this painting! :) 
I hope pictures are allowed because I just bought 3 cameras and the third one works - a 35mm Canon Sure Shot. I'm not of the digital age so I'm happy to have something I can relate to again! Hopefully after developing the film I'll have something from his show I can post here. Till next time...cheers!