Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Divine Song

This is one of two paintings I commissioned from Deanna Daffodil's Happy Art. They are so beautiful and I love them both! 


This is one of two beautiful paintings I commissioned from Deanna Daffodil's Happy Art. I absolutely love them both! 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Original Art by Molly White

"Mercedes" & "Moonbeam" 
A painting I bought from a friend and artist,  
Molly White from Molly White Fine Art.
She included a lovely gift bar of lavender soap made from milk from her goat, "Mercedes!" :) 
The beautiful roses note card was also painted by Molly - she is a very talented artist and works in different mediums.
I went on an art buying spree a few weeks ago! That's what I've been posting here lately. Two others should arrive sometime this month and will add them next time. 
Thank you, again, Molly, for your friendship and beautiful art! 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Prints by Iris Scott

"Yellow Bluebird"

"Cacti Sunrise"

These are two 18"X18" prints by Iris Scott. I was in a buying mood recently and became an art collector overnight! I went on a spree buying art from some of my favorite artists and friends. :) 
Iris paints using "finger painting!" She writes that she disliked cleaning brushes and decided to try this method so she could avoid that process. :) 
She is amazing and her art sells for thousands, hence these prints, which are so beautiful and to me, very affordable. I love them and I think Iris is so very talented! You can see her art on FB and her website. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rhonda's Window

Tonight's the night I see John Davidson after 50 years! This time, a small venue - up close and personal. I have a gift bag for him and included a little 3"X3" painting for John's wife, Rhonda. 
"Rhonda's Window"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

"The John D"

"The John D"
(  copyright by Nancy Shewchuk )

I painted this 3"X3" mini (with easel) as a gift for
John Davidson. (He sails) 
I'll see him in 5 days (September 20th)
and have a tote bag with his picture on it that I took 50 years ago with this and a few other gifts including framed song lyrics that fit with this painting! :) 
I hope pictures are allowed because I just bought 3 cameras and the third one works - a 35mm Canon Sure Shot. I'm not of the digital age so I'm happy to have something I can relate to again! Hopefully after developing the film I'll have something from his show I can post here. Till next time...cheers!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Framed Mini Art Cards (ACEO)

Measures 3.5" X 2.5" (without frame)
Done in Acrylics - Some with Palette Knife
(art scanned in frame shows image blurred)
$21.50 each includes S&H
For more info contact Nancy

"Cottage Window" (#104)
Framed Image Below w/white mat

"Country Garden Window" (#103)
Framed Image Below w/white mat

Friday, April 20, 2018

Photo Flip Books - FREE Note Cards

(includes S&H)
Purchase a Photo Flip Book
19 - 4"X5" Spirit Art Prints with Velvet Bag
and receive a FREE Note Card chosen at random
out of 29 available note cards from my paintings!

"Elements Blending"
"Deep in the Woods"
Note Cards come with White Envelopes
Below are the titles of the 19 prints inside the
Photo Flip Book
Bloody Rain; Born of White Light; Burst of Lace;
Clown with a Blue Nose; Deep in the Woods;
Elements Blending; Feather Wheel; Jungle Dream;
Mexican Spiral; Night Bloom; Paisley;
Ruffle Edge Spiral; Serpentine Crossing; 
Snail Spiral; Spirits in Rainbow Mist; 
Starburst-Multi; The Chakras; Tie-Dye;
Spirit of the Lotus Blossom
If you would like to purchase my Photo Flip Book with Velvet Bag and receive a FREE note card with white envelope, please contact me via email at:
Type "Photo Flip Book" in subject box.
This blog post will also be on my Facebook Page:
A Lion Under the Sun
Thank you for your interest - I am looking forward to painting new art on canvas that will be for purchase and posted in these same venues.
(Copyright by Nancy Shewchuk)
My web sites are listed below:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just An Update - Paintings & Photo Books Available

Just An Update...I have been away from painting since an art group I joined was changed and moved and I no longer was enjoying myself, but I need to keep painting and get my "happy" back so I'll start painting soon. I think I'll offer some new art for purchase, though, and not trade for other's art. I have "photo flip books" of my Spirit Art to sell...19 4"X5" images in each and will offer them for $20 including S&H.  If interested, contact me via email:
Please type "Flip Book" in subject box.
You can see all of my Spirit Art on my web site:
I chose most horizontal photos so you'll have a pretty good idea which ones are included. 
Individual paintings for sale will be posted here.
Thank you, Nancy
Spirit of the Lotus Blossom

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cozy Art Gallery

I would love to have a cozy little art gallery to display my art - feeling like starting something new today but don't know what it is. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Two of My Favorite Paintings

One of my favorite paintings
but sorry, I don't know the artist.
Love this one...artist unknown.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Behind Every Great Artist

I Love Color

I didn't paint this but found it on FB and was available to share. Until I paint something new I'll post some paintings by others that I find beautiful or just plain interesting! I'm in more of a writing state of mind. :) 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Bob Ross - In the Midst of Winter (Season 31 Episode 12)

I love Bob Ross and his style of painting.

I had his painting materials, watched him on TV and did several landscapes - some of my best paintings, actually.

Just proves there is no one style that is the best - it's all a personal choice and it's fun to learn different styles and mix it up now and then. Happy painting!

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Art Tradung Cards Received

I received these wonderful ATC (artist trading cards) today - the horsie is called, "Got Treats?" and painted by Molly W. from Texas, and the colorful, "Swinging from the Trees," was done by Nancy M. from Hawaii! 

Find me on FB on my page:  A Lion Under the Sun
Read my posts here on Blogger, and my Art Speak messages info can be found on:

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Art Speak Message from My Painting, "Mandala"

A "Spirit Art" Painting by Nancy Shewchuk
Its "Art Speak" Message Follows
My "Art Speak" Message from "Mandala"
is an example of what you may
receive from your own painting.
I am content. I have the circle as my symbol and shape. All things complete and whole are what I bring to you whenever you gaze my way. Freedom is a message I hold within my sacred circle. You also have the need for your freedom and sacred space or circle of friends. Share what you are able to share with family and friends and community. You will be centered, as you see I have a center that is visible...your center is hidden deep within your being. My presence in your space is reflective of your inner truth. Free your mind and contentment will be yours. Consider freeing yourself from agreements and consider what it is that truly frees your Spirit. Only then will contentment be yours for a lifetime. I am your reminder that growth is already at hand. Begin your journey to freedom - feel beauty around your sacred center.
Nothing more is required.
Written by Nancy Shewchuk
(with a little help from Spirit)
Let's Have Some Fun!  :)
If you would like an "Art Speak" message
from the essence of your painting, at no cost,
contact me and send a picture of your painting
and its title and I will email your message to
you via WP. Read all about "Art Speak"
and messages from all of my "Spirit Art"
paintings on my web site:

Monday, February 19, 2018

Art Speak Message from my painting, "Clouds Under the Sun"

"Clouds Under the Sun"
A "Spirit Art" Painting by Nancy Shewchuk
Its "Art Speak" Message Follows
My "Art Speak" Message
from "Clouds Under the Sun"
is an example of what you may
receive from your own painting.
This is what the Sun sees when he looks down from high in the Universe! The clouds you look up at, Sun looks down at, and he sees brilliant warm colors born from his own warmth. You see a variety of colors from white to pink to orange at sunset.
When you look at a cloudy sky be reminded that what you see is not the same view that others see from their views. As in life, people have different views of all that exists, including people. There are physical views and views of the mind. "Clouds Under the Sun" is a depiction of the physical view. Earth is a beautiful place to live and explore as it is encompassed by beautiful views.
Travel as much as you can to different parts of the country and world so you can appreciate the creation of the beauty of sunrises and sunsets and being warmed by the Sun knowing that you, too, are Under the Sun...and are beautiful!
written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with a little help from Spirit)
Read more about Art Speak and how you can receive
your free message from the essence of your paintings!
Check the next post or go to my web site for more info
and read messages from all of my "Spirit Art" paintings.

ART SPEAK - Receive a Message from your Art

"I believe every painting
has something to say."
Message me with a picture
of one of your paintings that
you have given a title to.
I will communicate with the
Spirit of your piece of art and
write a free-flowing message
held within. Each message is
meant for its creator or owner.
I write these "Spirit Messages"
from the title given. They are
unexpected and inspirational
and I never know what words
will come through until I begin
writing. Each message will be
typed on WP and will be sent to
you via email so include it
with your request.
No Charge ~ Let's have FUN!
Nancy Shewchuk
For more info or to read existing messages
from my own paintings go to:
(type ART SPEAK in subject box)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Art Trading Cards

"Garden Window"
This Art Trading Card has a new home in PA

"Nestled in Hawaii"
This ATC is on its way to a new home in Hawaii

ATC  - Artist Trading Card - 2.5"X3.5"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Messages from your Paintings (free offer)

If you go to my "Oils by Nancy" website:
and go to the "Art Speak" page you will read about how I receive messages from my painting's spiritual essence that I would like to offer to you from your paintings.
While I am waiting for my next online art course to begin offered by Dream Tolle Perry, I'd like to keep my creative juices flowing by writing "Art Speak" messages at no cost to you for a limited time depending on interest.
You can freely read my messages from my own paintings on the "Art Speak" page so you can see what you might expect to receive. The fun thing about writing and receiving these messages is that they bring a "hidden" message from the belly of the painting that may have nothing to do with the art itself but a message from "on High" for your benefit.
I have no control over what my messages bring forth as they come from "spirit." I let my fingers type as they are guided. Come what may! :)
So if you are interested in receiving a message from your painting and its title, that's all I need.
You can email me with the painting's title and photo attachment to:
Type "Art Speak via Blogger" in the subject box and include your name and email address and I will get back to you. I have the right to choose which paintings/titles I am able to work with as some may not be right depending on language obstacles or maybe there is difficulty with info coming through to me, or if I have too many responses.
I am looking forward to writing messages from your paintings - at no cost for possibly a limited time. Should I become overwhelmed with these opportunities, like anyone else who gets paid for their art and creative services, I may ask for a $15 donation as it does take time - this is just a trial so first come first serve.
Happy Painting!