Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Messages from your Paintings (free offer)

If you go to my "Oils by Nancy" website:
and go to the "Art Speak" page you will read about how I receive messages from my painting's spiritual essence that I would like to offer to you from your paintings.
While I am waiting for my next online art course to begin offered by Dream Tolle Perry, I'd like to keep my creative juices flowing by writing "Art Speak" messages at no cost to you for a limited time depending on interest.
You can freely read my messages from my own paintings on the "Art Speak" page so you can see what you might expect to receive. The fun thing about writing and receiving these messages is that they bring a "hidden" message from the belly of the painting that may have nothing to do with the art itself but a message from "on High" for your benefit.
I have no control over what my messages bring forth as they come from "spirit." I let my fingers type as they are guided. Come what may! :)
So if you are interested in receiving a message from your painting and its title, that's all I need.
You can email me with the painting's title and photo attachment to:
Type "Art Speak via Blogger" in the subject box and include your name and email address and I will get back to you. I have the right to choose which paintings/titles I am able to work with as some may not be right depending on language obstacles or maybe there is difficulty with info coming through to me, or if I have too many responses.
I am looking forward to writing messages from your paintings - at no cost for possibly a limited time. Should I become overwhelmed with these opportunities, like anyone else who gets paid for their art and creative services, I may ask for a $15 donation as it does take time - this is just a trial so first come first serve.
Happy Painting!