Friday, April 20, 2018

Photo Flip Books - FREE Note Cards

(includes S&H)
Purchase a Photo Flip Book
19 - 4"X5" Spirit Art Prints with Velvet Bag
and receive a FREE Note Card chosen at random
out of 29 available note cards from my paintings!

"Elements Blending"
"Deep in the Woods"
Note Cards come with White Envelopes
Below are the titles of the 19 prints inside the
Photo Flip Book
Bloody Rain; Born of White Light; Burst of Lace;
Clown with a Blue Nose; Deep in the Woods;
Elements Blending; Feather Wheel; Jungle Dream;
Mexican Spiral; Night Bloom; Paisley;
Ruffle Edge Spiral; Serpentine Crossing; 
Snail Spiral; Spirits in Rainbow Mist; 
Starburst-Multi; The Chakras; Tie-Dye;
Spirit of the Lotus Blossom
If you would like to purchase my Photo Flip Book with Velvet Bag and receive a FREE note card with white envelope, please contact me via email at:
Type "Photo Flip Book" in subject box.
This blog post will also be on my Facebook Page:
A Lion Under the Sun
Thank you for your interest - I am looking forward to painting new art on canvas that will be for purchase and posted in these same venues.
(Copyright by Nancy Shewchuk)
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just An Update - Paintings & Photo Books Available

Just An Update...I have been away from painting since an art group I joined was changed and moved and I no longer was enjoying myself, but I need to keep painting and get my "happy" back so I'll start painting soon. I think I'll offer some new art for purchase, though, and not trade for other's art. I have "photo flip books" of my Spirit Art to sell...19 4"X5" images in each and will offer them for $20 including S&H.  If interested, contact me via email:
Please type "Flip Book" in subject box.
You can see all of my Spirit Art on my web site:
I chose most horizontal photos so you'll have a pretty good idea which ones are included. 
Individual paintings for sale will be posted here.
Thank you, Nancy
Spirit of the Lotus Blossom

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cozy Art Gallery

I would love to have a cozy little art gallery to display my art - feeling like starting something new today but don't know what it is.