Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just An Update - Paintings & Photo Books Available

Just An Update...I have been away from painting since an art group I joined was changed and moved and I no longer was enjoying myself, but I need to keep painting and get my "happy" back so I'll start painting soon. I think I'll offer some new art for purchase, though, and not trade for other's art. I have "photo flip books" of my Spirit Art to sell...19 4"X5" images in each and will offer them for $20 including S&H.  If interested, contact me via email:
Please type "Flip Book" in subject box.
You can see all of my Spirit Art on my web site:
I chose most horizontal photos so you'll have a pretty good idea which ones are included. 
Individual paintings for sale will be posted here.
Thank you, Nancy
Spirit of the Lotus Blossom

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