Saturday, February 9, 2019

When You Need To Escape

A good place for this quote & image.
I started my first lesson in a new online art course today and I am in the company of all types of people on the FB group page. Many I am familiar with from the other three courses I took. All types of people = all types of personalities. 
 When you don't "fit in" people will let you know right away. I will know how I feel among them right away, too. But all is well...I'm minding my own business and am ignoring the ones who ignore me...just keeping to myself but posting when I am moved to post - Those I have felt comfortable commenting and reacting to, all is well and I'm in this group for 2 whole years! :) At least I have my blog where I can be alone because it's for my own use."This is my garden!"
I can't post course images but as I learn and get better at painting I will post some of my own art using what I have learned, but will be busy with the course paintings for a while. We'll see - anyway, as I come across things that apply here, I'll post. 
Till next time whenever the Spirit moves. :) 

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